Albania Grosso curriculum vitae


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Specialisation: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Human Health and Risk Assessment

Nationality: British & United States

Year of Birth: 1968

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Environmental toxicology and risk assessment.
  • REACH and CLP
  • Contaminated land assessment
  • Development of environmental management frameworks.
  • Workshop organisation and facilitation.


  • MSc Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois – Champaign Urbana – USA (1994)
  • MSc Biological Sciences, Lehman College, City University of NY – USA (1992)
  • BSc Biological Sciences, Lehman College, City University of NY – USA (1990)

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • European Chemical Agency’s CHESAR consultation group (current).
  • Food Standards Agency Probabilistic Modelling Working Group (2003 – 2006).
  • Food Standards Agency Consumer Exposure Research Team (2003 – 2006).
  • UK Interdepartmental Group on Health Risks from Chemicals (2003 – 2006)
  • UK Soil Guideline Value Task Force (2003 – 2006).

Key Professional Experience

  • Lower Olefins and Aromatic (LOA) REACH Consortium – Environmental Hazard Evaluation, and Environmental and Human Health Exposure Modelling
  • Consortium, the Higher Olefins and Poly Alpha Olefins (HOPA) REACH Consortium – Environmental Hazard Evaluation
  • Frits REACH Consortium – Hazard Evaluation and Human Health Exposure Modelling
  • Hydrocarbon Solvents REACH Consortium (HCSRC) – REACH Evaluation for Hexane and Hexane Products
  • Concawe – Gas Oils REACH Evaluation
  • International Lead Association (ILA) Consortium
  • Precious Metals Consortium (PMC) – Hazard Evaluation
  • H4R Consortium – Exposure Modelling
  • Furaldehyde and Furfural Alcohol Consortia – Exposure Modelling
  • REACH Authorisation Application – Confidential Client
  • Ethylbenzene Hazard and Exposure REACH Evaluation
  • Propylene Oxide REACH Re-evaluation and Exposure Modelling
  • Exposure Modelling of hydrocarbon – Elevance USA
  • Polymer Evaluation under REACH – CEFIC
  • Acetyls REACH Consortia – Hazard Evaluation
  • CHESAR Training and Support
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Contaminated Land Remediation, Environment Agency.
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment of a Steel Works, Portugal.
  • Management of SBDC Quantitative Risk Assessment, South Bucks District Council.
  • Concerted Action for Risk Assessment Of Contaminated Sites (CARACAS), Environment Agency.
  • Landfill Gas Modelling, Landfill Gas Risk Assessment, Environment Agency. Guidance Document, CIRIA.
  • Environmental Liability Audit, London Borough of Barnet.
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment, British Gas, Fulham.
  • Site Investigation South Bucks District Council.
  • Site Investigation Merck, West Key Road, Poole.
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment British Gas, Croydon.
  • Environmental Liability Audit, Epsom Gasworks.
  • Site Investigation, Iveco Ford, Langley.
  • Environmental Liability Audit, 76/78 Purley Way, Croydon.
  • Environmental Liability Audit, Factory Lane, Croydon.
  • Millennium Exhibition Site Benzene Quantified Risk Assessment.
  • Millennium Exhibition Site Methane and Carbon Dioxide Risk Assessment.
  • Phase 1 Environmental Liability Audits, Royal London Estates.
  • San Francisco International Airport Contaminated Land Assessment.
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Building Site, Missouri
  • Petrol Station Risk Assessments
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Risk Assessment.
  • Testing of Data Screening Programme, In House.
  • Sampling and Monitoring Of Groundwater, Several Projects
  • Academic Visitor to Royal Holloway University of London.
  • Assessment of Risk Assessment Methodologies Used Across Europe – JRC Working Group.
  • Development of a Risk Screening Framework for Soil Contaminants – ~Environment Agency R&D Report
  • Provision of Advice on the Implementation of Contaminated Land Legislation for Ecological Receptors.
  • Technical Input into the UK Human Health Risk Assessment Methodology for Land Contamination.


  • April 2010 to present: Partner, AG-HERA, Faringdon, Oxfordshire. Focusing on environmental toxicology, environmental exposure, and chemical risk assessment work for industrial and governmental clients worldwide.
  • January 2008 – March 2010: Principal Consultant, wca environment limited, Faringdon, Oxfordshire.Technical responsibilities include chemical exposure assessments and environmental consultancy projects.
  • August 2006 – December 2007: Science Manager, Environment Agency, Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Leadership of research area and technical projects on environmental toxicology and chemistry, and project management. Managerial responsibilities included 8- 14 staff and project management on technical projects.
  • October 2003 – July 2006: Principal Scientist – Human Health, Environment Agency, Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Project executive for numerous projects related to human exposure to soil contaminants. Liaison with other government bodies on research initiatives.
  • July 2001 – September 2003: Senior Scientist, Environment Agency, Wallingford, Oxfordshire. Management of research into the effects of contaminants on people. Provided advice to other government officers on exposure assessment. Development of training on the technical implementation of new contaminated land legislation.
  • April 2000- June 2001: Risk Assessment Specialist, ERM, Oxford. Leading risk assessment work, staff training, setting up quality management system for risk assessment projects.
  • January 1997- March 2000: Risk Assessor, WS Atkins Ltd, Epsom, Surrey. Responsible for conducting and supervising human health and ecological risk assessments, site investigations and design, desk studies and statistical analysis.
  • May 1995- August 1996: Risk Assessor, Burns & McDonnell Waste Consultants, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Conducting human health and ecological risk assessments; advice on statistical analysis of site investigation data.  Site investigation design and implementation.

Principal Published Works

  • Rachlin JW, Grosso A. 1991. The effects of pH on the growth of Chlorella vulgaris and its interaction with cadmium toxicity.  Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 20:505-508.
  • Rachlin JW, Grosso A. 1993. The growth response of the green alga Chlorella vulgaris to combined divalent cation exposure.  Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 24:16-20.
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